Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How To Increase Off page SEO Your Website?

Off-page SEO is best tools to building the links and get traffic through it. This isn't to say that somebody with fewer resources cannot improve the off-page SEO of their sites themselves. One of the main factors which affect your page rank is the number of quality backlinks to your site. Google, in particular, will rank your site based on its popularity with other popular sites. There are several key ways to get backlinks and we will discuss them now so you can start boosting your traffic today.

No doubt you know about the huge popularity of blogs, blogs are everywhere covering numerous topics and are the perfect place to share your knowledge and get into discussions about a vast amount of things. Read the blog entries, comment on them, and leave the URL of your site in the message box or in a little signature file at the bottom of your comment. Do not spam, and be sure to add value to the discussion when you post a comment. Commenting on blogs has the added advantage of helping you create the impression that you are an expert. Join in the conversation and watch people come to your site to hear more.
2. Article Marketing
Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is a great way to go about off-page SEO, make sure the articles are of good quality, interesting and relevant to your target market. Making sure you are using interesting keyworded content related to your website will help convince readers of your expertise and keep them coming to your site for more information and better SEO. Many people view writing as a chore but remember that in most cases the articles only have to be about 250 words long. The main thing is the backlinks, which will keep driving traffic long after you have posted the article.
3. Forums
If you visit forums that are relevant to your business or website you can increase awareness among relevant people, leave comments that add to discussions and include your URL within them. Try to participate in a helpful way in the forums at least every other day to help build up the links. This will show an increase in popularity and boost both your page ranking and your reputation as an expert. These 3 off-page SEO methods don't have to take much time but can pay for themselves for years to come in terms of Google and the increase to your page rank, and the amount of traffic they can drive to your site.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

GST: E-way Bill System To Be Implemented From 1st February 2018

The GST provision requiring transporters to carry an electronic waybill or e-way bill when moving goods between states will be implemented from 1st February 2018 to check rampant tax evasion and boost revenues by up to 20 per cent. After implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from July 1, the requirement of carrying e-way bill was postponed pending IT network readiness. This was done even in the 17 states which in the pre-GST era had a well-established electronic challan or e-way bill system.

Earlier, tax evasion was rampant as some preferred not to pay tax by resorting to cash dealing. Once the e-way bill system is implemented, tax avoidance will become extremely difficult as the government will have details of all goods above the value of Rs. 50,000 moved and can spot the mismatch if either the supplier or the purchaser does not file tax returns.
The all-powerful GST Council had on December 16 decided to implement the e-way bill mechanism throughout the country by June 1.
The official said e-way bill for inter-state movements will be implemented from February 1 and for intra-state movement from June 1. The official said states have been given the option of choosing when they want to implement the intra-state e-way bill between February 1 and June 1.
They have also been given the option to exempt movement of goods within 10-km radius, he said, adding all essential goods have been exempted from the requirement of carrying e- way bill.
Besides plugging tax evasion, the e-way bill will boost revenues by 15-20 per cent, . “The experience of states which had e-way bill system in pre-GST era showed a 15-20 per cent rise in revenue,” .
The official said a pilot of e-way bill has been successfully run in Karnataka and the IT system is fully geared to meet any requirement. E-way bill is an electronic way bill for movement of goods which can be generated on the GSTN (common portal). Movement of goods of more than Rs. 50,000 in value cannot be made by a registered person without an e-way bill.
The e-way bill can also be generated or cancelled through SMS, he said. When an e-way bill is generated, a unique e-way bill number (EBN) is allocated and is available to the supplier, recipient, and the transporter, he added. Trade and transporters can start using this system on a voluntary basis from 16th January 2018.
The rules for implementation of nationwide e-way bill system for inter-state movement of goods on a compulsory basis will be notified with effect from 1st February 2018.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

10 Important SEO Tactics For E-Commerce Sites

The tactics that are used for search engine optimization are not only versatile and varied but complex as well and you need to develop the serious understanding of the strategies when relating it to search engine optimization. There are unique parameters for which SEO for e-commerce sites are based and you need to stick to the best practices that prevail in this domain. Whether it is to obtain quality links or apply the best techniques of writing but the entry of social media campaigns in this arena has made all the difference. It is not just about the strategies you build but the implementation which matters the most. You can take a quick glimpse of the ten essential strategies which ensure the success of e-commerce sites.

Creating Different Product Descriptions

This is crucial indeed and just as the rest of the people do you can also use the description which is provided by the manufacturer but believe it or not it will not create the marked difference which is needed for successful SEO. What you need to do is to write different product descriptions for each and the chances are that will take up a lot of time and research but will pay you off immediately.

Reviews and Encouragement

You must tag the commodity with keywords which enhances transparency about the product and the company and the chances are that your strategies will seem valuable to the clients as far as online merchandising is concerned. The navigation of the website must be such which encourages users but allow them shop and make purchases with ease.

Size of the Image

There is no point in enlarging the size of the images that are present on the website as it can severely disrupt the work of optimization. The logic is simple and the more quality images you have the slower will be the time to load and makes navigation disturbing which hampers the essence of SEO to a great extent.

4.      Integration with Social Networks

While you need to integrate the web page with social networking platforms it is necessary to check whether the social buttons exist or not which directs the users share the information on the website with the fr4iends and followers. When you are social and allow users to be social as well, it is considered by the search engines as a strategy which is authenticated properly and it is a genuinely good practice in the business of SEO.

5.      Storing the pages and mobile optimization

Today is the era of technology and users access the internet on the go and it is imperative that you be3come a part of the digital expansion. To make the websites more user-friendly you need to make them for fit for smartphones or tablet. When it comes to formatting and layout, it must meet the standard of mobile optimization. Furthermore, you need not delete the pages that are no longer in use or showcase products that are old rather store them to as the search engines prefer those websites that are legitimate and the customers as well.


Video and images of the products

To make the website more believable you must include the images or photographs that are more believable and allow customers to access them easily when they search for images that are related to the products that they want to buy. You can store the images in a different place regardless of the time it takes for the site to load properly.

Link Building Techniques

While launching the link building campaign try to obtain material for linking to the deep pages of the sites which focus on the niche products and such practices are encouraged by the search engines and allow you build the reputation.

Building URL and checking the errors

For e-commerce websites, every URL must be unique rather than a series of letters and alphabets that are rather unimpressive and does not work in your favor. If you try to end the URL with the name of the product which is present on the page, the online visitors can find them easily. The chances are that e-commerce websites grow pretty fast and you must try to ensure that there is no 404 error on the permalinks which can frustrate the online visitors.

Security of the website

It is of utmost importance to ensure that your website is secured with HTTPS encryption which is the secure mode. You need to ensure that the security of your website remains intact.

Internal search functions

As a business with e-commerce merchandizing, you need to be available to the users for which it is important to improve the functionality of the internal search engine such as optimization of product categories and titles.


Friday, 29 December 2017

Triple Talaq Case : Why The Triple Talaq Verdict Will Not Trigger An Instant Revolution


The Lok Sabha recently passed The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017. The bill's stated objective is to "to protect the rights of married Muslim women and to prohibit divorce by pronouncing talaq by their husband (sic)". he Lok Sabha recently passed The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017. Our Parliament has two houses — the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. The Rajya Sabha with its many committees is ideally the house that is supposed to do the legislative heavy lifting. It is supposed to scrutinise the text of a legislation and ensure that it makes sense. For example, in this bill, there is a lot that does not make sense, and that means there is a lot that the Rajya Sabha needs to do. Take for example the definition of talaq as mentioned in Section 2 (b) of the bill:

definition of "talaq" as:
"'Talaq' means talaq-e-biddat or any other similar form of talaq (which, if it had not been for the provisions of this Act would have had the) effect of instantaneous and irrevocable divorce pronounced by a Muslim husband; "
From a legal standpoint, the definition also becomes problematic, as according to it, once pronounced, the divorce is in effect. Though the bill declares a talaq under this definition void, it fails to take into account the fact that you can make something void only if it is in effect, and you can’t declare it void unless you declare it void ab initio (invalid from the outset).
Either the definition had to change or Section 3 has to be changed to replace the word "shall" to “is” to resolve this contradiction.

There are more problems. Sections 5 and 6 are progressive sections in terms of policy but are very badly drafted. Section 5 says that a woman who has talaq pronounced on her is entitled to maintenance while Section 6 says that she is entitled to custody of her minor children. But if the talaq itself is void, there can hardly be a question of maintenance or custody. They only come into play post a divorce. In the absence of one, there is no question of the same.
Further, the provisions of maintenance and custody need to be further supplemented with provisions that speak as to situations when this will be necessitated, such as when the woman is not being maintained or is being deprived of custody. Else, the provisions are mere letters of law, having no meaning and fundamentally unenforceable.
A good bill takes a long time to draft, especially a bill relating to family law. Because, in India, family law is very complex. It has numerous judicial pronouncements and myriad of other legislations that have to be considered. A general bill like this one, with seven clauses, does no favour to anyone.
If the Rajya Sabha passes the bill in its present form, no one gains anything. It is not even a political victory. It is a badly drafted bill and needs to be fixed before it is passed if one hopes to achieve anything at all from it.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

The Rise Of Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency Clones


Cryptocurrency is a new revolutionary type of currency. Like any other currency or unit of account, they only have value because people think it has value. Some currencies are backed by gold or other precious metals; others are backed by nothing but hot air although have value because people think it has value and use it as a unit of exchange.
Cryptocurrency were designed as a unit of exchange and as a place to store assets without relying on a central bank. This article will discuss the price of Cryptocurrency in general and what affects the price, it is not limited to Bitcoin but this will cover all cryptocurrency.
Precious metals gain their value/perceived value due to their utility and limited supply, and price is often tied to supply/demand. Supply/Demand is a simple economic factor that affects the price of many things. In some countries Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is classed as an asset, in others as a currency.
Bitcoin, for example has a maximum of 21 million whole units, divisible 100 million times. With over 7 billion people on the planet, if even 1 billion were to adopt Bitcoin, 21 million whole units would not spread very far without a significant price tag.
The supply is also bought in at a constant rate and is unchangeable due to the coconscious rules. This creates a supply that is limited, and thus people will pay more to get the coins they think have value.
Block reward halving’s, like the Bitcoin halving of 2016 caused the price to slowly increase as the halving approached, due to the reduced supply of new incoming coins imminent. This can affect the price of many cryptocurrencies, but in the case of Litecoin, did not even make a major dent in the price.

A key factor in the price of any cryptocurrency is its utility. If you cannot use it for something, be it an investment or for payments, then it would have no or little perceived value. In the case of Bitcoin, it is usable for payments on a reasonably high and ever increasing scale, meaning that its utility is high. Its high difficulty and energy usage give it a reasonably high price and as such can be used for an investment. The changes to utility can cause price volatility.

In the case of Ether, as it was designed a smart contract platform this is a practical utility, which increased the price of Ether over many other alternative cryptocurrencies.

Monday, 25 December 2017

GST Made 2017 Most Important For Indian Economy

The 70th year since Independence will go down in the history of India since the country switched over to the GST Regime, realising, thereby, the vision of a unified market in a federal system that guided the nationalist bourgeoisie in joining Mahatma Gandhi's struggle to liberate India from the British. Of course, the structural reform came accompanied with pain for trade and industry caught off-guard by the rigours of new compliance procedures. Queried by corporate leaders at industry chamber Ficci's 90th AGM earlier this month on how GST was impacting through lower tax collections, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley put the onus on them.

GST Implementation 2017

Central taxes replaced by GST are service tax, special additional customs duties (SAD), additional excise duties on goods of special importance, central excise, additional customs duties, excise on medicinal and toilet preparations, additional excise duties on textiles and textile products, and cesses and .
With the Council's decisions last month, GST has been cut on a host of consumer items such as chocolates, chewing gum, shampoos, deodorants, shoe polish, detergents, nutrition drinks, marble and cosmetics. Luxury goods such as washing machines and air conditioners have been retained at 28 per cent.
Eating out has become cheaper as all restaurants outside high-end hotels charging over Rs.7500 per room will uniformly levy GST of five per cent. The facility of input tax credit for restaurants has, however, been withdrawn as they had not passed on this benefit to consumers.
Verdict of GST in 2017

In the final analysis, the GST balance sheet is provided by Gita Gopinath, Professor of International Studies and Economies at Harvard University, who is also the economic adviser to the Kerala Chief Minister.
"GST is a real reform. It is a way of formalising the economy. It is a very effective way of ensuring tax compliance, making it harder to earn black money. I mean, nothing ever goes away completely, but it just makes it harder to make it happen," Gopinath said in Mumbai earlier this month.
GST on helmets has been demanded from 18 percent to 5 percent, on textiles to nil from 5 percent, on tractors to 5 percent from 12 percent and on granite slabs to 18 percent from 28 percent currently.

Namkeen, bhujias and potato chips should attract 5 percent tax and not 12 percent as per a demand put before the Council.
GST on sanitary pads has been sought to be nil from 12 percent.
Sources said GST Council refers some of the tax change requests to the fitment committee to see if there is any merit in the demands and upon recommendation of the committee takes up for approval any changes.
GST on dried fish has been sought to be cut to nil from 5 percent, on plastic scrap to nil from 18 percent, on fishing nets to 5 percent from 12 percent, on furniture to 12-18 percent from current 28 percent.
The requests also include cutting 12 percent tax on agriculture implements to nil or maximum 5 percent, on raw granite to 5 percent from 12 percent and on granite finished to 12 percent from 28 percent.
A nil duty has been sought for fly-ash and fly-ash bricks from current 18 percent and 12 percent, respectively to popular the use of the otherwise environmental pollutant.
To help cut reliance on imported oil, duty on bio-diesel or bio fuel extracted from non-edible oilseeds has been sought to be cut to nil or 5 percent from current 18 percent.
With the Council's decisions last month, GST has been cut on a host of consumer items such as chocolates, chewing gum, shampoos, deodorants, shoe polish, detergents, nutrition drinks, marble and cosmetics. Luxury goods such as washing machines and air conditioners have been retained at 28 per cent.

Eating out has become cheaper as all restaurants outside high-end hotels charging over Rs.7500 per room will uniformly levy GST of five per cent. The facility of input tax credit for restaurants has, however, been withdrawn as they had not passed on this benefit to consumers.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Current Digital Marketing Trends that can Help Startup Businesses

The marketing is crucial for any business. The marketing can be a deal breaker or maker for your business. A good marketing can make your product or service a sensation in the market. In this era of the internet, the marketing has also made its way on this platform. One can reach endless users and consumers using the internet based marketing.

Social media can really be a buzz when it comes to marketing. The positive or negative news can be spread like fire in the jungle on social media. The best example of it is the united airline case. The social media includes various platforms like facebook, twitter, snap chat, Instagram, etc. YouTube is also becoming favorite for the marketing, as this way the prefer audience can be targeted easily. The blogger is also the preferable for marketing. Many people tend to take advice from different blog post before indulging themselves in some product or service to see the experience the blogger had.

Traffic moved into Digitalization 

The sophistication of consumer engagement demands companies to initiate proper customer engagement. Nearly 75% of the marketing activity focuses on converting leads to customers and more than 50% focus on increasing the traffic to the website.
It is recommended to have marketing modules to engage with customers in a promising and convincing manner. Plans on engaging customers should shake hands in areas such as social-media, in-product messaging, promotional offers, customized content, and many others.
Most startups these days have adopted digital marketing. But not all the weapons that digital marketers have in their arsenals are equally effective. Some digital marketing strategies hit the bullseye, while others don’t even come close.
If your potential customers are on Facebook, make Facebook your point of focus. Likewise, target your efforts on LinkedIn if your audience is on this professional network. For your startup, the best social media channel is where your potential customers hang out most. A good social media marketing consultant will build a customer persona first, then start creating a social media strategy for your business.

How To Increase Off page SEO Your Website?

Off-page SEO is best tools to building the links and get traffic through it. This isn't to say that somebody with fewer resources ...